Kenneth Chinn

82 Smith St.

Nesconset, NY 11767

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Specific Areas of Expertise

*   Patient Accounting

*   Patient Management

*   Materials Management

*   Medical Records

*   Payroll

*   Project Management

*   Human Resources

*   Third Party Billing

*   General Ledger

*   Accounts Payable

*   HL7 Interface

*   Manufacturing

Experience Summary

Over 20 years programming experience in Information Systems with 14+ years in the Healthcare Industry utilizing COBOL, IMS, CICS, DB2 and PCS/ADS.  



           Certificate in Computer Programming         

           Programming in “C”                                            Programming in Visual Basic

Technical Skills

Software:  COBOL, IMS DB/DC, CICS, BAL (Assembler), MFS, BMS, EASYTRIEVE, DB2, VSAM, PCS/ADS,  SMS OAS, SMS ADHOC Report Writer, Visual Basic, “C”, ACCESS, JCL, TSO/SPF, ICCF, MVS, VSE, OS2, DOS, Windows (NT 2000 XP),  Linux, MS Office, MS Project, ROSCOE, ENDEVOR, EXPIDITOR, LIBRARIAN, PANVALET, PAN-APT.  Hardware: IBM Mainframe, IBM PC.

Professional Experience

Contract Consultant [Independent Consultant]   April 2002 to Present

*   Loma Linda Medical Center

*   Provide support for their patient accounting and registration systems which are written in PCS/ADS, COBOL and Assembler. The database management system is IMS.

*   Worked on a COBOL/CICS  project to send and receive XML data from the mainframe to a remote server based system using IBM’s Enterprise COBOL.

*   Upgraded Patient Accounting and Registration systems to be HIPAA compliant.

*   Performed COBOL II to COBOL 390/Language Environment conversion.

*   OSF Healthcare

*   Wrote an automated turnover system to accelerate the collection of certain patient accounts. This project was done in COBOL/IMS.

*   Provide general patient accounting programming support.

*   St. Francis Health System

*   Provide all of their patient accounting programming support.

*   Wrote conversion programs for migration from the HBOC Plus 2000 system to the IDX HPA system.

*   Wrote interface to PACS collection agency for bad debt accounts.

*   Modified billing system to be HIPAA compliant.

*   Performed quarterly install/upgrade of HSS Outpatient Grouper into Patient Accounting system.

*   East Jefferson General Hospital

*   Modified the interface between TDS and Siemens Patient Accounting to be HIPAA compliant.

*   Legacy Data Access

*   This is a data storage company for which I provide mainframe programming support.  This company specializes in storing archive data for legacy systems and providing their customers access to it via the web.

*   Migrated two McKesson-HBOC Plus 2000 systems to their mainframe which allows old accounts to be restored to fulfill legal requirements

*   Management Health Solutions Inc

*   This is a hospital inventory company for which I provide all of their IT support.

*   Re-wrote their physical inventory program in FoxPro.

*   Developed a back office system using Visual Basic to merge multiple FoxPro table into a single Access database.

*   I implemented the use of barcode scanners for conducting Pharmacy inventories.

*   Developed GUI Front end application for completed Access Inventory database. Made application distributable using Office developer extensions.

*   Implemented VPN for remote access to company file server.

*   Developed a customer contact system using Microsoft Access.

*   Provide hardware, network and software support for small businesses.

Senior Consultant [Healthcare Computing Strategies]  July 1997 to April 2002

*   Orlando Regional Medical Center

*   Developed HCPCS code expansion to allow sending of modifiers for HCPCS and CPT4 codes.

*   Developed interfaces to foreign systems (DKD Contract Management) and (DARS Collections Management.

*   Provided RUG billing modifications, which utilize the HIPPS, codes (similar to HCPCS codes) and modifiers for SNF unit claims.

*   Provided maintenance and modifications for billing and remittance processing.

*   Maintained online interface between TDS clinical system and IBAX Series 5000 system.

*   St. Francis Health System

*   Performed maintenance and modifications to Medicare and Blue Cross remittance in ANSI 835 format.

*   Modified billing system to take APC allowances at time of billing and move the co-pay to the remaining payor to facilitate automatic secondary billing.

*   Did Y2k conversion – upgrade

*   Developed modifications for APC claims processing.  Wrote interface to HSS APC Code Editor.

*   Loma Linda Medical Center

*   Automated account turnover to outside collection agencies.

*   Wrote HL7 Interface from Cerner registration system to PMAS patient accounting system utilizing COBOL and CICS.

*   Did 2 Y2K Conversion - upgrade

*   COBOL to COBOL II conversion

*   Performed application maintenance for Order Entry, Registration and Patient Accounting.

*   Jefferson Health System

*   Wrote Blue Cross grouper interface program.

*   Holsten Valley Medical Center

*   Installed Inpatient Grouper.

*   Lakeland Regional Medical Center

*   Wrote charge extract out of PDM Pharmacy system.  This system was written in CICS Assembler.

*   Wrote balancing reports for IBAX Series 5000 to Siemens Invision conversion.

Senior Consultant [MICROTECHNIX INC.]  July 1994 June 1997

*   Stony Brook Medical Center

*   Performed Macro to Command Level CICS conversion for all Assembler Language programs in Patient Registration and Order Entry system.

*   Mount Sinai Hospital

*   Designed, coded, implemented on-line real-time point to point Patient Registration interface IBAX Series 5000 to Eagle 2000 system.

*   Wrote reconciliation reports between IBAX S5000 and Eagle 2000 databases and files

*   St Lukes Roosevelt

*   Performed application maintenance on IBAX Series 5000 patient accounting system

*   Created itemized statements for all archived accounts which were then burned and idexed to CD-ROM.

Project Director, Financial Systems [North Shore University Hospital]  July 1994 to June 1997

*   Co-project leader for three INVISION RCO installs: Patient Management, Patient Accounting, Order Entry, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Radiology, Pharmacy and Lab.

*   Installed SMS data entry lan system under NOVELL

*   Modified SMS pathways using OAS

*   Wrote numerous reports using SMS ADHOC report writer.

*   Performed INVISION system maintenance.

*   Additional responsibilities included installation of Human Resources, Materials Management.

*   Purchased and installed General Accounting system for Clinical Practice Plan

*   Managed a staff of 9 programmers and application analysts.

Team Leader, Patient Accounting [IBAX Healthcare Systems]  July 1989 May 1984

*   Worked with SIG chairman to develop new enhancement requirements for future software.

*   Performed all database work (DBD, PSB and ACB gens) and CICS Table Maintenance.

*   Developed standardized formats for writing technical and functional specifications.

*   Designed and developed the ADT Workstation. Project Manager for the UB92 Billing Form.

*   Project Manager for Michigan State Billing regulations including Medicare, Blue Cross and commercial insurance carriers. Initiated the re-design of PCIBILL (main billing program).

*   Designed and developed customer specific modifications to the software product.

*   Designed, coded and implemented numerous client specific modifications.  These were written in PCS/ADS, COBOL and CICS,  Re-wrote HCFA 1500 Bill Form

Senior Programmer Analyst [Grumman Data Systems] April 1986 to June 1989

*   Responsible for Schedule Management and Inventory Control Sub systems and enhancements.  These systems were written in COBOL, IMS DB/DC and DB2.

*   Worked on the Methods Engineering rewrite which converted the databases from IMS to DB2

*   Provided technical support and maintenance for CAPOSS work scheduling system.  This was an IBM purchased product

*   Provided maintenance and support for the DB2 applications that worked in conjunction with the CAPOSS system.  This system allowed online access to some of the CAPOSS data which was housed in a batch environment.

Senior Programmer [Home Insurance Corporation]  September 1983 to March 1986

*   Personal Lines Automobile Policy Writing System  - This was a home grown IMS DB/DC system written in COBOL.

*   Re-wrote New Jersey Field Office front end application input system.  This was done in Assembler.

*   Responsible for writing program specifications, project plans, programs and test plans.


          Bachelor of Science, Biology